• Kirsty Penn

Words Matter

Struggling with telling your story?

It can be hard to find the right words to get your message across. 🤔What does your brand stand for?

🤷🏼‍♀️What do you help people with?

😎How will you make a difference?

Knowing these things is only half the story. As I am fond of saying, ‘words matter.’ Especially in this age of social media. You write and hit the post button and your well-crafted words are now out there.

What I can do? ✍️Write you a website bio that tells your ideal client exactly who you are. 💻Pen a web page or two... Showing people what you do. 📱Create social media captions that capture

your brand and message with the aim to drive people to your sales page.

Words matter( I told you I will say this often) but they don’t have to be perfect they just have to tell your tale and actually resonate with your reader. If you want your business to actually make you some money that is.

Think I can help you? I’m pretty sure I can.

DM or follow the link in my bio, snoop around my site and see if my message resonates with you. If it does, we will talk soon. @writepenn

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