• Kirsty Penn

Shift The Conversation

To All the Men I know, have yet to meet or may never know!

We urgently need to shift the conversation - Over to you fellas, okay, look I know, WE ALL know that it’s ‘not all men,’ no woman I know has ever said ‘all men,’ but I get it, no decent man wants to be thought of like that.

So here’s the thing! Shine the damn light on the rest of the men who are bringing you guys down, because that’s all we women and girls want...

Well, aside from feeling safe to go to the same places you do!

Aside from not having to wear the correct shoes so we can run for our lives!

Aside from ending the sheer exhaustion at having to fight the same cause over and over…

Because it’s time for the rest of, ‘MAN’ to stand up and speak out!!!!

Men from every walk of life and every culture, fathers, sons, brothers...

Yes, NOT all men commit crimes on women and NOT all men feel entitled to more after buying a lady a drink. And we do know, that NOT all men disregard the meaning of the word, ‘NO,’ but it’s going to take a lot of men to end this.

Shift the conversation…

So the children born today can live in a world where this isn’t an issue for them.

So ALL women, from every culture will be safe!

Some might call this idealism, but you know something, it really shouldn’t be, a world where men don’t hurt women shouldn’t be considered ideal, and thinking of as such, makes it seem unrealistic when in all honesty it should be normal or if nothing else, something WE ALL strive for.

Shift the conversation

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