• Kirsty Penn

Part Of This World

”The Human World is a mess,” said a wise and loyal crab, in the 1990’s Disney film ’The Little Mermaid’, and boy was he right! It’s now 2019, and it’s still a mess Sebastian -Political scandals, power and control are what we have to contend with. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Disney remake has Ariel, wanting to stay in the sea because why would anyone, human or mermaid want to live in such a corrupt setup?

How has this come to pass? How can anyone make a difference? Is it too late? I believe we can only try, pick something, make changes even if it’s just recycling your old newspapers – be heard – be present. The only reason we are in such a sorry state is that too many have stayed silent. There are people fighting back, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, #Metoo – refugees deserve our help, animal torture, mental health awareness, the list goes on. It’s not enough! I urge you, to make a stand because there is no magic solution – wake up – Speak up – when you see someone being belittled, say something. If something doesn’t feel right, fix it. Pick a cause, make a donation – just do something! We are all part of this world, and if we want it to stay our world, we have to act now. Go on, it won’t cost you much- just your voice!

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