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My Cruelty-Free Challenge

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

When we talk about bettering ourselves what do we mean?

Eating healthy, drinking more water and exercise are more likely the go-to items on any self-improvement plan. Those are valid ideals that I aspire too, but my goal is about doing better in a broader sense. Simply put if you want to feel good, then doing good is the way forward. I guess you could say I had a kind of epiphany or if you want to be less sentimental, a big fat wake up call!

The truth is that most of my life I have held certain ideals and led myself by my own values. Although I wasn’t actually doing anything to actively backup my own beliefs. Sure I could debate with the best of them on this and that issue, but that was as far as I would go.

Getting Real

Three months ago I decided to become a vegetarian, I had tried this once or twice in my teens and if I’m honest, I didn’t try very hard. Well, I’m older now and it’s time for some cold, hard facts.

I say I love animals, I can’t even watch those adverts, you know the ones I mean. The ones with the cute little face of a puppy or kitten, staring up at you, begging for your love; without getting a serious case of the feels! So I started thinking -sure giving money to those charities will help, but what can I actually do? For change to happen, being pro-active is the only real way of actually achieving anything.

I decided that it was all very well ranting about illegal dogfighting, the hunting of elephants for ivory and getting angry at people who buy a pet and abandon it in a cardboard box – yes it was all very honourable and full of good intentions! Just not good enough!

I Can Do Better

Once these thoughts were in my head, I knew it meant I had to step up. It actually wasn’t that hard giving up meat and fish. I had been eating less of it for a while anyway, perhaps that was why I still felt I had to do more.

Going cruelty-free was the next step. After reading how many animals are tested on just so my lipstick stays on for longer, I decided enough was enough. Being pretty wasn’t worth their suffering!

This piece isn’t meant to convert you to do the same. I’m not preaching or trying to shame you. Everyone has their own path, and that is why my blog will only showcase cruelty-free products and not highlight the ones that do test on animals- there are plenty of blogs doing that and I find that I only want to promote good feeling. Frankly, there is enough negativity in all areas online and in real-life.

So It Begins

I have begun to dispose of any make-up that is not cruelty-free, donated some to charity and recycled what I could. Now the hunt is on to find good quality, beauty products that work for me. I will be sourcing good products, testing them on my self and perhaps rope some family/friends into sharing their thoughts. I will share my musings, recommendations and most importantly where you can buy the best quality at a fair price, because like many of you – I love a bargain.

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