• Kirsty Penn

Make It Obvious

Are you a cruelty-free brand? If you can say yes to this, then you need to make it clear to your clients.

I can't stress enough the importance of this.

There are a lot of people converting over to brands that don't test on animals. They will look for evidence of this on your branding and advertising but some will go beyond and check your social media, your website and so on.

Ideally, you want to be the ONE just like @lush or @soapandglory and make being cruelty-free part of your USP. It really is folks, personally, I will look for one of the logos above or some kind of evidence the product I want is indeed CF. If I can't see it, then I'm not giving up my hard-earned cash.

I now have friends and family texting me for recommendations. The reason being - they are buying last minute, they want to do good but they also don’t have the time to research into what is CF and what isn’t. Lucky them I've already done the research, but not everyone has a cf blogger on speed dial. (maybe I should start charging?)

People live busy lives and yet they still want to make changes to their lifestyle.

So, I urge all cruelty-free brands and owners to make sure your customers know they can trust your product. Don't make them go on a Google, Bing, Duck search or give up entirely when Vegan is brought into the equation because they don't know if Vegan means CF too. (It doesn't )

People aren't stupid by any means but they are constantly bombarded with information on every subject - information overload!

Make it clear because at the end of the day, a shopper in a rush will definitely pick the brand that has made it easy for them. Don't let your product be left on the shelf because you failed to utilise its unique selling point.

Want some help ensuring your products go flying off the shelf? Send me a message or an email, see the bio @writepenn for links.

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