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Kick Ass

This post is dedicated to @cassie_mckinnon_penn …. because the name says it all. She is kick-ass without a doubt and one of the strongest people I know.

#kickasssoapandglory speaks volumes to me. If ever there was a brand that gives us ladies some power it’s this one. The name really is a nice touch by @soapandglory #girlpower

The science part:

So I’m told there is some camouflage/ 3D tech going on here – basically, it gives your skin an outstanding and smooth feel to it. I tried this myself and honestly, my skin felt like silk. #triedandtested

It’s pretty light too- so no more feeling like you are caked in makeup.

Perfect for those rushed days:

For those days when you sleep in and have to rush to work (nope, never happens to me either), just throw in your bag and away you go. #workitgirl

I know I’m a sucker for everything #soapandglory so perhaps I’m a little biased- I really do love this product and would recommend to all my kick ass followers.


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