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Heather Small Sunday


What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

I’m starting this theme today- we can call it Heather Small Sunday! (I’m probably showing my age here, but google her if you don’t know what I’m on about 😉)

Every week I will be asking what you have done today (this week) to make you proud?

Everywhere you look we are being told do recycle this and not to eat that. It’s a lot of pressure!

We can’t do everything, but I truly believe each and everyone of us can make a little difference. So now is your chance to tell me what you have being doing this week!

Brag yourself up, tell me did you make the switch to cruelty free? Have you started to up cycle old furniture? Maybe you are just more cautious about where you buy your food from?

Did you donate some old clothes to charity? It doesn’t have to be massive but it should be recognised! 🥰

Hit me up in the comments and share your proud moments. I want to hear everything.


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