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How to Write Content During Covid-19!

You‘d have to be, Sleeping Beauty, to not know what’s going on in the world right now. While you may wish that were indeed the case, this is no Disney film. It’s more on par with that Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt one, you know the one I mean? If I remember correctly it was a virus that caused the apocalypse, yes it was the Twelve Monkeys. Pretty scary, right?

Yeah. Let's move on.🙈🙉🙊

At a time like this, although there has never been any time like this, nonetheless at such a time, you’d be forgiven for thinking you can take a break from your business.

By all means, have a lil nap, but don’t rest for too long because as a mental health professional or a coach in the wellbeing industry, you are uniquely placed to make an impact.

You Are Needed

Imagine being able to connect with people in their homes and provide real help? Many professionals don’t know what to say to their clients. People have told me they don’t know what to post, to mention the virus or not. They talk of not wanting to sell, not wanting to be sleazy or offend people however, this is rooted in fear.

Create a Connection

Are you afraid? I know I am. I’m afraid for my loved ones, I’m afraid isolating will get to me, that Netflix will run out of good films, hey it could happen. Seriously though, I’m also afraid for my business and the impact this virus will leave behind.

Here's the thing, my fear isn’t driving me. Oh we’re well acquainted, but I'm not subscribing to what it’s offering. Instead I am using my fear to do better. I want to help you write better content and connect with your clients, now!

Chances are, if you are afraid then your clients will be too. You can use this fear to push you forward, acknowledge it to your audience. Sure, it won't simply go away, for you or them. However, by sharing this you are creating a connection with them.

You can start by showing up and being present.

  1. Talk about your own feelings on Instagram via a caption or on stories.

  2. Write a blog about how to manage anxieties around the virus.

  3. Get on IGTV and answer client questions.

  4. Check in with the folks on your mailing list.

Talk to them, think about what you would want to hear. You are the expert in your field, share your insights, offer a different perspective and keep doing it.

Be Consistent

Before your audience buys from you they must trust you, this is fact! In times of crisis, this is even more important. Remember people will be feeling uncertain and out of their routine. You can prove your worth by following up on what you say, keep showing up and consider what you can do to help.

Perhaps you can provide emotional reassurance, tips on how to change your mindset or ways to cope with the kids being home too. Think about what you were offering before the Coronavirus came along. Can you adapt this?

Stand Out From the Crowd

How can you stop your content from getting lost in a sea of free offers and Covid-19 bombardment?

You really have to stand out from the crowd. This isn’t about competing, this is about knowing you have something that can make a difference, perhaps only for a short time, but you have it regardless. It would be a crime not share that.

Writing content in a crisis, isn’t about having an amazing talent , you don’t have to have a gift with words, you only have to apply self belief to what you do and offer. I say only, but I am all too aware of how difficult changing your mindset can be. That's why that category is deserving of its own blog.

It's going to take time and it's going to take hard work, but If you can conquer your fear, show up, be present during the madness, honest about the situation and provide something of value, you will stand out from the crowd and you will connect with your clients.

In a nutshell to create valuable content in a crisis, you have to...

  1. Create a connection

  2. Be consistent

  3. Stand out from the crowd

  4. Change your mindset

Keep your eyes peeled for more tips on how to connect with people during Covid-19 in the coming days. I will be going in depth about how to do this, honing in on mindset and sharing what I have on offer to help business owners at this time.

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