A Fairytale for the Times

Once upon a time, there was this girl⁣

She was thought pretty, if a lil shy.⁣

She rarely spoke up. ⁣

She sadly, let far too much pass her by.⁣

She was raised by strong women, longing to be just like them.⁣

Her days spent at school silenced any inner strength she had.⁣

She daydreamed but never dared ⁣

Her BFF was fear.⁣

She was wrapped up in a hella lot of potential, destined to see others succeed. ⁣

So on her story went, no magic wish or Fairy Godmother came knocking. ⁣

Her journey was gradual and yes she went back and forth many times. Some would say too many. ⁣

Her voice only rose speaking up for others. She found purpose in being their champion.⁣

Funnily enough, through them, she learned she had to speak up for herself too.⁣

So that’s what she did. ⁣

She spoke up.⁣

She challenged chaos⁣

Her confidence grew and yet she still had so much to learn⁣

So, so much... ⁣

Her story is still being written, ⁣

In the beginning, she was me ⁣

Today I am her.⁣

Betcha didn’t see that one coming? ⁣

Not the end, but she’s aiming for a happily ever after, I can guarantee you that.

Inspired by the above pic and quote @mantramagazine @glennondoyle

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