You Have Discovered The Ultimate 121 Copywriting Solution For Spiritual And Mental Health Coaches, Mentors, Healers And Therapists!


Are You Ready To Create Compelling Copy With The Confidence Of A Copywriter?

What if you could TAP into the core of your imagination and connect with your passion, purpose and vision to Create Crystal Clear Messaging so that you can sell your services with soul?


What if you could learn a step by step content strategy so in sync with your VERY soul and values that you could craft consistent content with ease and say Bye- Bye to masculine marketing techniques?

Picture This


You, sitting back, coffee in hand,  as the kids play outside, you have the biggest smile on your face - A look of utter bliss in your eyes.

Why? You’ve just completed writing your first ever sales page, of course!!!


Oh Yes…That Means...


Those soulmate clients are booking discovery calls!


Commenting on your posts!


Oh, yeah, they’re inviting you into their inbox too!


AND best of all...They want to BUY from you!!!


Your biz is growing, plus you're no longer bleary-eyed from sitting at a computer screen all day churning out content. And what’s more, you have guilt-free time to spend with your kids. 


For the first time in a long time, you’re solely focused on your zone of genius.


Inspiring action and change to all you meet!!!


You see that’s what writing Copy With Confidence is all about - helping you to achieve balance as well as creating credible and compelling copy. 


So, okay, you know that to sell your coaching services, promote those packages and launch a course with confidence, your copy has to speak to the heart of your soulmate clients -yet as a soul-driven, intuitive entrepreneur you are:


  • Overwhelmed with how much content you think you need to create.

  • Stressed about strategy and ugh, all the social media platforms...Seriously it’s like there is a new one every day!

  • Cringing even thinking about using sales BS tactics.

  • Fed up with rigid productivity strategies that make you feel anxious, uninspired and zap all the pleasure out of your work.


Can you imagine a strategy that syncs with your soul…one without all the overwhelming, cringe-worthy, BS sales tactics that have you blatantly point out your client’s pain, agitating them, leading them to feel unworthy,  so that they will sign up for your solution?


Uh, Uh, No Way! That’s NOT how you do things!


Stay with me here, (YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY),  because if you want to learn specific copywriting skills and implement them with the confidence of a copywriter then I have something Super Special for you...


Copy With Confidence 

This is a fab opportunity to work with me on a 121 basis and get my creative eyes exclusively on your biz copy. We'll look at the copy you're creating, the themes and brand voice you want to develop along with the type of content you want to be producing regularly. 


This is what's waiting for you when you join 121 Copy With Confidence 


  • Before we even begin I will do a Copy audit of all current copy so we know where you're at and where you want to be. Then you can choose which module to delve into first. 


Your Modules Cover:




You will start thinking about your message and define your niche. We will explore your why and what’s beyond your why. You will finally be super clear on your ideal client and how to conduct market research and learn the language of your ideal clients.




Create a brand story, learn about brand consistency across all platforms. Next, we’ll revamp the bios on your website, socials and then work on drafting out of a reintroduction post/storytelling for content.




Discover why audience growth copy is so vital for your business. 

You will learn how to write copy for email opt-ins/lead magnet pages, freebies while focusing on explaining impact to others and the value of what you offer. We will look at writing for engagement on social media, creating an engagement plan. 




AKA, Selling with soul, not sleaze. How to consciously promote without losing your flow. Building a strategy that synchronises with who you are.


You will learn how to write a Stand-Out sales page - You follow my template of the sales page using the copy techniques you’ve learned.


Our calls will focus on specific copy techniques to write sales posts in alignment with YOUR brand how to use testimonials for effective sales.


Yes, you're going to go from stressed about a strategy to super savvy and create a content strategy that synchronises with your soul.  Finally, we'll review and implement what has been learned so far. 

You receive:


  • 2 Coaching Calls a month (You choose the modules you want to work on)

  • Copy Templates

  • Opportunities to have an agreed amount of copy reviewed and proofread by me

  • Email Support

What Makes Copy With Confidence Different?

Good Q...Well, consider me, the Creative Copywriter in your pocket. Just what every business owner needs, right? Especially, juggling their biz while raising a family or doing a side hustle.


I understand that you’re not ALL about selling and that it’s still possible to write from the heart - unlearn masculine marketing with a focus on intention.


So you will continue to thrive in business and serve your soulmate clients.


My 121 coaching style is super flexible too because I customize it to fit your biz and lifestyle. 


Are You Ready To Start Writing Copy With Confidence And Sell Your Services With SOUL? 


  • Ready to call in the folks you're destined to help? 

  • To learn the language that generates sales - Minus all the hype?

  • Create consistent content every month and gain brand new clients?


Of course, you are!!!


Oh, and when you work 121 with me, you will gain access to my unique 4 Step Formula to Intentional Content Planning and Creating...


Because I used to despair at the old ways of selling and believed if I wanted to succeed in business, then I’d need to suck it up. But I'm a Gemini you see, stubborn and contrary to the end - so I leaned into my natural, intuitive gifts, determined to fulfil my purpose my way - Nice folks can succeed too, believe me on this.

When you WRITE from a place of alignment - It shows in your words and creates consistent clients. 


But, please, don't take my word for it...

Dr Sally Eccleston

Psychologist & Yoga Teacher

I recently enjoyed a 1:1 coaching session and an Instagram audit from Kirsty, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any entrepreneur. Sometimes it's easy to think that you know best with your copy, or that your message is super clear from your social media or website. But it's not about you, it's about whom you are meant to serve, and Kirsty helps you to get super clear with questions, advice and specific strategies which are simple to then put into place. I came away feeling more confident and sure about whom I was serving and what I could convey in my copy. Booking in with Kirsty is not a decision you will regret!

James Goodhew

Founder of Dream Co-Creators

What an amazing session!!! I now know where to look for the language to use in my social media posts.  I know how to predict what my ideal clients will (and won't) engage with.  I know more about my ideal client, thanks to Kirsty's questioning style.  And I know how to put my values into my copy - making me relatable to my ideal clients.  I highly recommend a 90-minute session  - Kirsty is perfect to get meaningful work done!  Book in - you won't regret it!

Jenn Choi

Writer and Coach

A Massive Hello From Kirsty Penn AKA the Write Penn…


And yes I'm so in love with that name - Almost like the universe knew my purpose. When something is meant for you, you just know. (Hint - hint, this program is calling to you)


Anyway, I’m the Scottish lass behind the Copy With Confidence 121 Coaching Program. I’m a Creative Copywriter and Coach for soul-centred business owners.


Before I picked up a pen, to help them make a difference with their words, I was creating my own impact. You see I have a pretty diverse background.


Working as a Domestic Abuse Practitioner, I helped women and their children with trauma using counselling and mentoring skills. 


I have worked in marketing and sales at a five-star theatre in Scotland. I’m also a former drama and media studies and communication student. 


These skills have prepared me for the copywriting world - That’s why I started the Write Penn because I knew I wanted the freedom of being my own boss and the chance to finally combine all of my skills.


With a background in counselling, I’m sensitive to the needs of my clients while allowing my imagination to create strong brand voices and ignite reader interest. Once a little girl with a big imagination, I now get paid to bring that imagination to life, through the art of storytelling. 

It’s such a pleasure writing for true visionaries - folks making a massive impact in this universe. Because, ‘ hand on heart, I believe’, there has got to be a better way to succeed in the online space and if you’ve read this far...So do you.

Is Copy With Confidence Right For Me?


Have a question before joining? I get that - I'd be the same, so I wholeheartedly encourage you to ASK ME ANYTHING. Copy related, that is, let’s get to know each other first before we bare our souls, shall we? 


To Be Clear This Is The Perfect Fit For You If


  • You don't want to outsource your copy and see the value in learning how to write it yourself. That’s POWER!


  • You Are Ready to step into your zone - of genius - working with YOUR people -Not spending hours staring at a screen.


  • You Want to sell your services without pushing them onto folks.


  • You want to work from a place of harmony, not hustle.


Let’s be honest here, folks,  you want to LEARN practical ways to CREATE what you're CALLED to do AND WORK SMARTER not harder.

Payment Plan Options


Apply today for 121 Copy With Confidence and choose the option that best suits your life and biz.


3 Months - £333  (Pay in full or split into 2 payment plans)

6 Months - £597  (Pay in full or split into 2 payment plans)


How Do I Apply?


Because this is  121, we'll be working closely together, it's really important to make sure we're a great fit, so spots are solely available by application.


So if you are in this biz to inspire action and create a thriving business so that you can live a happy and purposeful life...You and I will be the PERFECT fit.


Simply Click 'Apply Now' To Book Your Call.