The Done For You Wellness Copy Package

Create Success Without Sacrifice & Receive the Gift of Time


Once Upon a time, women couldn't have it all - They had to choose. 


Family or Success


Those Days are Gone

Ladies, you can have it all

Continued Entrepreneurial Success

A balanced family life

With the WRITE Done For You Package.


Occasionally the world needs that constant. 


A grounded voice in an endless storm. 


You know that person is you, right? 


Your clients need you now more than ever, but I get it, there are only 24 hours in a day and you have a family to raise - school runs - Content for your socials - A sales Page for your new course - Oh and I guess you'll be needing launch copy too?

You are a driven and successful woman - Who knows there is more to life than staring at a computer screen.  Life is about balance for you and your not foolish enough to think you can do it all alone. 




 You are struggling to create CONSISTENT content for your social media platforms.


You wish you could spend less time online and MORE time 121 helping your clients?


Not to mention you are filled with guilt when your children want to play but you have heaps of content to create?


This is the PART where I come in


I'm here to help you get back to your family and deliver a BESPOKE package of Done For You Content! 


Oh, I'm Kirsty Penn by the way AKA the Write Penn

I'm a Wellness Copywriter with 10 years of experience in the wellness industry. 


The coaches and entrepreneurs I'm working with tell me their most time-consuming task is content creation.


So With the Power of the Penn I have crafted a new BESPOKE,  Done For You Content Package that will support online wellness entrepreneurs, like YOU, to post consistent content that speaks to ideal clients.


Imagine having 20 extra hours a month? 

What Will You Do With That Time?

Take the kids for a walk in the woods?


Plan out your new course?


Enjoy quality time with your partner?



Maybe have a beautiful bath filled with your favourite essential oils?

The Time of sacrificing for success is over. You do so much Mama, isn't it time you did something for yourself?



You don't have to sacrifice for the sake of Success. As a result of working with me, my clients NOW have the freedom to live their life to the fullest, safe in the knowledge that their unique voice is reflected in the words I write for them.


What you'll get:


1 x 60 mins beginning of the month call (Value £222): 


Purpose of these calls is to discuss:


Sales Strategy 

The theme for the week to ensure each piece of content aligns with the goals that build trust.


The pain points surrounding each theme.


3 x 30 min weekly update calls (Valued £333)

Revisit the sales strategy

Outlining the content for the week


PLUS the WRITE content 


28 Instagram captions written in your brand voice by a leading well-being/mental health expert with 10+ years,  - per month (Value £777)


4 Sales Emails (increasing conversion rates by 20%)


Implementation of Content Planner template - via Trello (Value: PRICELESS)


Personalised brand story guidelines to ensure all of your team know your voice and the voice of your brand


Content Calendar structure, so you can know that your content aligns with your sales strategy.


Catalogue of content to be re-purposed across all social media platforms. 


Opportunity to review and amend your content on your website and social media. 


Launch Sales emails template.


List of Power words to get those clients relating to your content.


IG story launch template aligned with what you are selling, to ensure maximum visibility and trust-building.


DIY IG quote templates x3 (Saving you 3 hours).


For £999 (TOTAL VALUE: £1,332)  you spend less time online and gain an extra 20 hours of your time a month. 

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