Welcome to the WRITE PENN - Now I'm sure you're eager to know more about the soul you entrust with your biz copy? Because when it comes to selling your amazing and much-needed services, WORDS  are at the heart of how you do this. 

AND this girl loves WORDS!!!

My Story

I am a Creative  Copywriter with a background in counselling skills/mentoring, media studies and drama. Pretty interesting combo, right? This gives me a unique perspective when I am writing content. I am interested in the people behind the brands as much as the brands themselves. I want to find a voice that works for your business and bring your content to life.

I have worked with women for six years to empower them to find independence using counselling and mentoring skills. Now I am bringing those same skills to the business and creative world.

Hence, why I now write for the holistic and well-being industry.
You will find I am sensitive to your needs and will work with you on changing your mindset to create a better platform.

With a background in both media studies and drama, I know how to present you with original content that will engage the imagination of your client.

Check out the Services section to find out more.


The Copy-Cat

Meet Felix, he's my wee Copy Cat mascot and the total boss of me.
An entrepreneur with a cat will never be her own boss! Fact!
You may see him pop up on my IG @iamkirstypenn he loves to be part of my stories and my regular clients love him coming to say hello on our calls. I sometimes wonder if they come for the cat or the copywriter.
Either way, having this wee rascal around certainly helps me deliver the goods and get results.